Cameroonian Nyong Power Plants Corp will generate 250 MW of electricity on the Nyong

The Cameroonian company Nyong Power Plants Corporation (NPPC) signed on 1st June in Yaoundé, an agreement with the Cameroonian government to produce 250 MW of electricity in the framework of the “Song-Mbong/Kelempeck Hydro Project”. Said project will be developed on the Nyong River.

According to the explanations of Paulin Etoga, Project Coordinator, on the technical side, a reservoir of 3.5 billion m3 storage capacity which will connected further up to a back bone network from Edéa. Concerning financing, this structure will cost between FCfa 500 and 550 billion, with the associated power transmission lines. To accomplish this, the company NPPC said it will be working with a selection of national and international partners.

Paulin Etoga lists for example Swiss Hydro Operations International, a leader in the production of hydroelectric energy. This company was represented by Charles Laurent Mouvet and Baena Del Alberto Carlos at the ceremony for the signature of the master agreement with Basile Atangana Kouna, Minister of Energy. Among other international partners, there is Finergreen France, the financial consultancy firm for the project.

Originally posted in Business in Cameroon.