Prices for partners and advertisers

Prices for partners and advertisers :

We offer firms, media groups and adverstisers the possibility to communicate.

Advertisement – Press releases


Press releases or telegrams :

We publish your press releases without limit 3 500€/year or 2 500€/6 months

For a press release : 400 €

Download our Media Kit

Audience :
each article or press release is published and visible immediately.
Your contents will systematically, unless otherwise noted, be republished in the weekly newsletter and our social networks. You will reach over 170 000 followers.

Publications :
we take care of the settings, pictures or illustrations and links for every publication.

Adverstising banners:

You can see your banners displayed under different sizes : 300×250…

  • Home page 1 500 €/ month
  • home page – lateral giant banner (166 x 675)
  • In an article (real estate, culture, society, economy…) 450 €
  • In our weekly newsletter 1000 € per sending

Monthly audience :

  • 160 000 visitors
  • 480 000 views

The REA articles and telegrams are republished by the main information aggregators, suchn as Google News.

Our média kit here

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